Brave Heart Volunteers provides quality education, support services, and volunteer visiting for families and individuals facing health challenges such as terminal or chronic illness, dementia, disabilities, hospitalization, or end-of-life.

To begin the process of establishing services with Brave Heart Volunteers, complete the Referral Form and the Release of Information Form. 


Please submit the completed Referral Form and Release of Information Form to Brave Heart Volunteers by email at or in person at 120 Katlian Street, Sitka, AK. 

Read below to learn about our areas of service. 

Volunteers at Brave Heart are compassionate, caring, and available up to 2 hours a week to connect with your loved one and provide you with much-needed respite. Volunteers are not trained to provide medical assistance of any kind, but can spend time conversing, walking, playing cards, or reading with your loved one and can also assist with minor household tasks, light yard work, cooking or cleaning.  

Contact us at to learn more about finding a volunteer or volunteering. 

Visiting and Companionship
Grief Support

The grief support group is offered a few times a year and follows an eight-week curriculum. It is for those who have suffered the loss of someone close to them and would like to feel the support of others in a similar situation in a comfortable and confidential setting.


The next grief support event begins with the movie Speaking Grief on

January 4, 2021, and a Grief Support Group will begin meeting each Monday on January 11, 2021. 

Education & Training

By providing educational programs such as our volunteer orientation & our compassionate care at end-of-life training, as well as resources on our website and through our in-house lending library, we hope we can connect you to resources that work. 

Come by our office at the Pioneers' Home Manager's House to explore our extensive Lending Library. The collection includes resources such as DVDs and books about Alzheimer's Disease and Related Dementia, Grief and Bereavement, Care-giving, Hospice, Palliative Care, End of Life, Poetry, Inspirational books and more!


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