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Companionship, Respite, & Education

With our volunteers and community partners, we provide compassionate care, companionship, respite and education to those facing illness, isolation, end of life and grief.

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Fill the Heart Fundraiser

Due to Covid 19, we have cancelled our 2020 Brave Heart Bowls Fundraiser. In lieu, we present the Fill the Heart Fundraiser!

Please help us raise $35,000 by December 31st.

Summer donors will be entered in a special one-day raffle to receive a gratitude gift on September 1st.  

Gifts will include local art and jewelry, a mini quilt, a Ludvig's gift certificate and more! 

Donate online or mail checks/cash to: 
PO Box 6336, Sitka AK 99835

Our Brave Heart Stories

Brave Heart volunteers Michaela and Connor Dunlap provide companionship for Lupe Alvarez at the Pioneer Home.  Being that there’s no family in town, among other things, they facilitate weekly treasured phone calls with Lupe and her daughter, Sonja.  


When asked about their time with her, Lupe comments, “Isn’t that great, it’s just like having family, that’s wonderful.  They are wonderful people. They are interesting, not only fun, they are young.” 

Brave Heart Volunteer Phyllis Hackett visits with Nancy Rickets. When asked about her experience, Nancy says: 

“I found out what Brave Heart does, and what is most helpful for me is the companionship. The volunteer I have now is Phyllis Hackett, she is a great, great gal. She is willing to walk fast, hard or easy, and now it has to be easy for me.  I have walked in Sitka for almost 45 years, I walked everywhere and I loved it.  When it gets so you can’t walk so well anymore, it is really important to have someone with you.  I tell her what I can handle and what I find enjoyable.  It’s really important to get out if you need mental stimulation!” 

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Have you been flamingoed?
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The Brave Heart Flamingo Challenge is a fun way for Sitkans to smile and have some fun when they see the Brave Heart Flock of Flamingos has landed in their yard!  Who can resist the playfulness and humor of bright pink, plastic flamingos, especially in Sitka Alaska, where they are far, far from home?

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