Be of Brave Heart

Companionship, Respite, & Education

With our volunteers and community partners, we provide compassionate care, companionship, respite and education to those facing illness, isolation, end of life and grief.

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Fill the Heart Mug Fundraiser!

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Share Your Heart!

For two decades, Brave Heart Volunteers has served countless Sitkans through thousands of hours donated by volunteers, along with generous assistance from our benefactors.  Together, we are a prime model of how a small community can care for its citizens during challenging times.


In celebration of our 20th anniversary, we are collecting stories about how BHV has uplifted or impacted the lives of Sitkans.  In 750 words or less, please tell us the “who, what, when, where, why, and how” we made a difference.  Then email it to  along with your name and phone number. Feel free to include photos!


Please note we will be publishing stories on our website, social media, and in our newsletter, so we may have to edit any details that breach confidentiality.  If you do not want your story shared publicly, please let us know. We look forward to hearing from you!

2021 Brave Heart Buoys & Art Fundraiser!

Several Sitka artists have kindly donated their time and talent to create art and paint buoys for us again this year!  Take a stroll down Lincoln Street and look for the decorated Brave Heart Buoys hanging throughout downtown.  Find your favorites and then place your bid in our online auction August 18-September 1, 2021. We will post more details and a link to our online auction site in early August.


To learn more about the artists' concepts for their buoys and art, click on their names below.

by Anne Doyle
Lion Buoy
by Sarah Lawrie
Be of Brave Heart
by Angie Eaton
It's for the Birds
by Libby Stortz
by David Gross
Hot air balloon
by Laura Kaltenstein
14" x 25"
I am Grateful for the Birds
by Gaylen Needham
The Fabric of Our Lives
by DJ Robidou
by Amy Sweeney
Birds Buoy
by Francis Brann
Little Bear Tooth Print
by Jerrod Galanin
20"h x 16"w
Tléix’ Kéet Print
by Jerrod Galanin
14"h x 11"w
Ocean & Space
by Columbus
Child's Buoy Chair
by Steve Lawrie
14" x 18.5"
The Fish's Perspective
by Cinnamon Dockham
Sitka Spring
by Cinnamon Dockham
Puffins Gone Fishing
by Pat Kehoe
A Cluster of Ravens
by Pat Kehoe
Wool Braided Rug
by Cleo Brylinski
31.5" x 45"
Tapestry/Table Runner
by Alice Hanson
18" x 56"
Alice (1)_edited.jpg
Hand-carved Buoy Bearer
by Randy Ferguson
8.75"h x 3"w x 2"d
Cutout Pottery Bowl
by Robert Rose
13"w x 6"h
Brave Heart Bowl
by Michele Friedman
10.5"w x 5.5"h
Robert (1)_edited.jpg
Cosmic Blooms
by Cara Murray
Garden Buoy
by Fiona Ferguson
Cara & Fiona_edited.jpg

Thank you to all the incredible artists who donated their time and talent!
We appreciate you!

Thank you, Sitka Rotary Club!


A giant Brave Heart thanks to the Sitka Rotary Club for providing funds to pay for our new signs with our new logo and other advertising! We appreciate you! 

Our Brave Heart Stories

Brave Heart volunteers Michaela and Connor Dunlap provide companionship for Lupe Alvarez at the Pioneer Home.  Being that there’s no family in town, among other things, they facilitate weekly treasured phone calls with Lupe and her daughter, Sonja.  


When asked about their time with her, Lupe comments, “Isn’t that great, it’s just like having family, that’s wonderful.  They are wonderful people. They are interesting, not only fun, they are young.” 

Brave Heart Volunteer Phyllis Hackett visits with Nancy Rickets. When asked about her experience, Nancy says: 

“I found out what Brave Heart does, and what is most helpful for me is the companionship. The volunteer I have now is Phyllis Hackett, she is a great, great gal. She is willing to walk fast, hard or easy, and now it has to be easy for me.  I have walked in Sitka for almost 45 years, I walked everywhere and I loved it.  When it gets so you can’t walk so well anymore, it is really important to have someone with you.  I tell her what I can handle and what I find enjoyable.  It’s really important to get out if you need mental stimulation!” 

Flamingoed With Love!
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The Brave Heart Flamingo Flock is a fun way to honor Sitkans who make our community a better place! If you want to pass on the love and honor your friends for being of Brave Heart, click below to 

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