Be of Brave Heart

Companionship, Respite, & Education

With our volunteers and community partners, we provide compassionate care, companionship, respite, and education to those facing illness, isolation, end of life, and grief.

Our Brave Heart Stories

Brave Heart volunteers Michaela and Connor Dunlap provide companionship for Lupe Alvarez at the Pioneer Home.  Being that there’s no family in town, among other things, they facilitate weekly treasured phone calls with Lupe and her daughter, Sonja.  


When asked about their time with her, Lupe comments, “Isn’t that great, it’s just like having family, that’s wonderful.  They are wonderful people. They are interesting, not only fun, they are young.” 

Brave Heart Volunteer Phyllis Hackett visits with Nancy Rickets. When asked about her experience, Nancy says: 

“I found out what Brave Heart does, and what is most helpful for me is the companionship. The volunteer I have now is Phyllis Hackett, she is a great, great gal. She is willing to walk fast, hard or easy, and now it has to be easy for me.  I have walked in Sitka for almost 45 years, I walked everywhere and I loved it.  When it gets so you can’t walk so well anymore, it is really important to have someone with you.  I tell her what I can handle and what I find enjoyable.  It’s really important to get out if you need mental stimulation!” 

Upcoming BHV Fundraisers!

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Bowls, Bowls, Bowls! Brave Heart Bowls are back!

BHV Bowls Fundraiser

Saturday, July 2, 2022


Harrigan Centennial Hall

Join us! 300 handcrafted ceramic bowls to choose from, delicious soup-to-go, live music, and more!

BHV Buoys & Art Online Auction

August 23-30, 2022


It's buoy time! Several Sitka artists have kindly donated their time and talent to create art and buoys for us. You can see the buoys hanging throughout town all summer, and one could be yours with a winning bid at our online auction!


Below are some of our 2022 buoys. Click here to learn more about the buoys, artists, and corporate sponsors of our 2022 auction!


Check back often as we'll be adding seven additional buoys, information about their artists, new corporate sponsors, and all the auction details!

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Wear the Heart!
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We are on Tlingít Aaní. We appreciate the Tlingit people, who have been excellent stewards and have lived out traditional Tribal values around balance, respect, and caring for the Earth that sustains us all. For taking wonderful care of this special place since time immemorial, we say thank you and Gunalchéesh.