"I give a little extra time to help someone when they need it, thankful to know that I am just one of many who make Sitka a caring, supportive community. Someday I may be the one who needs the hand reaching out."

- Diane Marx, volunteer Since 2003 

Current volunteers please report your hours here: 

                             Thank you for your service!

In a year, our volunteers provide nearly $100,000 worth of free care and

services for caregivers and individuals facing illness, isolation, end of life, or grief.

The dedication to service that our volunteers provide 

helps to make Sitka a healthy, neighborly and compassionate community.


Volunteering with Brave Heart Volunteers is a rich and meaningful experience that

creates a mutually beneficial experience for both volunteers and recipients.


For more information email our helpful staff at office@braveheartvolunteers.org or call (907) 747-4600.




Many of our volunteers provide respite visiting for caregivers and visits to care receivers. Visits usually are done weekly or biweekly for 1-2 hours. During those visits, volunteers will take their elder on a walk, read them a book, share stories, help them prepare a meal, write letters, help with light house work, run errands for or with them, help them craft and just assist them in their day to day lives. The smallest activity can improve their quality of life.

Friends in Grief, Grief Buddies


The Friends in Grief and Grief Buddies program offers individuals one-on-one support and companionship from someone who has a shared experience of loss. 


Individuals facing grief are matched with a volunteer who has experienced a similar loss and who has completed our volunteer training with prior participation in grief and beareavement groups. 


Events & Administrative 


Events provide a great opportunity to get involved for volunteers who cannot commit to regular companionship visiting, or who simply want to become more involved with BHV. Every year we look for help in a wide range of areas for our many events and fundraisers, including but not limited to: baking help, office tasks, mailings, selling tickets, greeting participants, cooking, clean up and set up, etc.


*If you would like to volunteer at events or in the office, please call Maury Hackett at (907) 747-4600 before filling out a volunteer application or completing a background check


"At first, I didn't think I could be an End of Life volunteer. I attended the End of Life training and found so much information and support. Now, I look back and can't imagine why I was terrified.


I see the difference I can make, and it is wonderful to gain even more than I give." 


♥ End of Life Volunteer

Adopt a Grandparent, Visit with an Elder, Make a Difference


Redefine the word "family."  Bring your children along to enjoy visiting with a Sitka elder and expand your world, plus theirs too!  This opportunity instills the value of activism in your children, creates a family friendly environment in your community, adds a multi-generational influence to learn from, and creates a support structure for your family here in Sitka. 


For more information about volunteering with us, email us

at office@braveheartvolunteers.org or call (907) 747-4600