"Brave Heart Volunteers is like oxygen for our family"

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Thank you to our most recent Endowment Fund donors!

Jude Reis and Jean Frank


A very special thank you to the

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The Brave Heart Flamingo Challenge ...

...is a fun way for Sitkans to smile and have some fun when they see the Brave Heart Flock of Flamingos has landed in their yard!  Who can resist the playfulness and humor of bright pink, plastic flamingos, especially in Sitka Alaska, where they are far, far from home?


The Fundraising Idea

The fundraising idea was born out of a desire to have an ongoing and unique way to raise support for Brave Heart, and also raise awareness of our many caring programs, support groups, and the volunteer opportunities for Sitkans.


If Flamingos land in your yard, what should you do?! 

First off, please enjoy having the Flamingos as an eye-catching and fun, but temporary addition to your landscaping.  Secondly, being "flamingoed" is an invitation from a friend or neighbor to make any size donation to Brave Heart Volunteers.  And lastly, please accept a beautiful book from us entitled, "Refuge," by Terry Tempest Williams.  The story is one of family caregiving, end-of-life care, renewal and spiritual grace in the face of tragedy. We are happy to gift it to you.


Fly away...

Think about who you know, and who YOU want to Flamingo next, and sneakily transport the birds to their lawn!  If you need help, call Brave Heart and we can assist you in flying the flock to the next "tagged person" to host the flock.