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2020 Buoy Artist

Mark Bartlett- The drifter (Humpback)
Norm Campbell- Jackie-the-Lantern
Mary Chambers- Small Colorful Birds
Mary Chambers- Bull Kelp
Columbus- Underwater
Kaylee Cunningham- Catching Fish Instead of Catching COVID-19
Shanti Friedman- The Tidepool
Fiona Ferguson- Garden Greens
Jerrod Galanin- Electric Raven (blue hair)
Pat Kehoe- Intertidal World (abalone & starfish)
Ashia Lane- Lupine
Helen Mercado- Killer Whale
Amelia Mosher- Inspired by Hokusai’s famous wave painting
Lucy Pizzuto-Phillips- Kingfisher
James Poulson- Deda Art (Mona Lisa)
DJ Robidou- The Whale is Passing Through
DJ Robidou- The Octopus is Wrapped Around
Mark Sixby and Liz Zacher- Octopus (2 octopuses)
Allie Spurlock- Seafood of Alaska (black and white)
Jan Steinbright- Something to Crow About Miss Priscilla 
Iko Sullival- Spring Delight (humming bird)
Adrienne Wilbur- Change is an Opportunity for Change (nails)

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