OctoKnot by Anne Doyle


“OctoKnot” took 30 hours to complete. It was inspired by a love of the intelligent creature, my Marine Biology background, and having been born and raised in a small fishy town in Southeast Alaska. My challenges I came across were finding the amount of hours needed to work on the piece being a full-time mother and homeschooling my two kids this year. I owe a major shout-out to both my parents for having a huge hand in taking the kids on play dates so I didn’t have to juggle making peanut butter and jelly sandwiches while painting too often.


While I’ve painted most of my life, this was my first time working on a round surface and it was a fun challenge to create a piece that was interesting from every angle. I even popped in an added little “surprise” in the middle of the tangle of tentacles that made it have a nice connection to Sitka.


My favorite part of this project was knowing it was going to a good cause and getting the opportunity to be a part of it. Having moved to Sitka a couple years ago, I’ve admired the many artists who have participated in the Braveheart Buoys and am so grateful to have the chance to also share my art with Sitka.  

Lion Buoy by Sarah Joan Lawrie

“The truth is like a lion. You don't have to defend it. Let it loose. It will defend itself.” -St. Augustine


Some information about my buoy: I ran into Michele on the Cross Trail, and she told me the theme for the Brave Heart buoys was "be of brave heart". It is a bit cliche, but immediately I thought of a lion. Lions have an ancient connection to human symbology and over the course of visual history have represented courage, majesty, strength and fortitude. Starting with the 40,0000 year old Ice Age Lion Man, lions have been an essential component in visual representation since the dawn of artistic expression.


I watched the 2021 inauguration and was moved by Amanda Gormans The Hill We Climb. I admire her bravery and, to me, her words rang with truth. The phrase from Amanda's poem on the buoy reads "If we merge mercy with might, and might with right, love will become our legacy and change our children's birthright"


The process of creating this was a real challenge, it is no joke for a person habituated to creating on a flat surface to translate that to something round! I used pencil and paint pens to create this piece. 

Ocean and Space by Columbus


Nothing too exciting about both Ocean and Space with the exception that we know so little of each. How exciting is that! This buoy shows the vastness of everything by doing so little. It's made up of designs that just kept appearing as I put the paint to the round ball. Let your imagination explain what you see. 

Child’s Buoy Chair by Steve Lawrie


I had cut a buoy in half to start on a different project. My granddaughter Clark saw one of the halves and sat perfectly naturally in it ; the original thought was instantly exchanged for a kids chair!

Be of Brave Heart by Angie Eaton


This buoy represents the spirit of the bear indicating it's time for healing or using healing abilities to help others, inspiring those who need it, inspiring courage to stand up against adversity.

The bear is emblematic of grounding forces and strength. Being a powerful guide to support physical and emotional healing by taking action and providing leadership.

It's for the Birds by Libby Stortz


I wanted to celebrate Sitka birds for the buoy. I’m not entirely sure why I settled on these 2 birds except I know that Violet Green Swallows around Sitka do make nests in peoples birdhouses and I know lots of birds appreciate being fed and getting out of the rain and cold in the winter, just like we do. In Sitka a chickadee sat on my shoulder once ,which was pretty damn amazing and special for me, especially since I tend to see William in all the birds.

The Fish's Perspective by Cinnamon Dockham

"The Fish's Perspective" is a bald eagle (actually 2, one on each side) as it is coming in for the kill. I like to think about balance and predator/ prey relationships are one way nature maintains harmony. 


To see more of Cinnamon's art, visit:



Island Artists Gallery

Sitka Spring by Cinnamon Dockham

"Sitka Spring" has a bunch of "Sitka" subjects in one buoy. Mt. Edgecumbe, humpback whale, sunset, herring, etc. I'm still. "new" to Sitka, and find inspiration in the seasons.  


To see more of Cinnamon's art, visit:

www.etsy.com/shop/CinnamonsWhims  Facebook.com/CinnamonsWhims

Island Artists Gallery

Infinite by David Gross


Inspired by the constant motion seemingly limitless conditions we live in... the rise and fall of the sun, moon, land and sea. 



I am Grateful for the Birds by Gaylen Needham


Watching birds brightens my day. It was fun researching different birds for this project. I didn’t start out to do a monochromatic color scheme. I started with the owl and the rest just made sense. I love the simplicity of the White paint on a stark black background.

Hot air balloon by Laura Kaltenstein


Painting on the buoys is a challenge because the design needs to be 3 dimensional, and easy to see depending on the height they are displayed. So it is a bit like doing a sculpture, and the possibilities are endless, because shapes can be cut out of the plastic, or other materials can be incorporated. Of course the excuse to go find the buoys out on beaches provides inspiration. I use acrylic paint, which has weathered fairly well on my porch for about 5 years, but in this climate, they are best kept indoors. To prepare them for painting can be quite a lot of work. I sand them as smooth as I can, considering they are beach finds. When they are finished I give them a couple coats of outdoor polyurethane. That final stage is when the colors really brighten up. That shine makes all the work worth it, turning some beach "trash" into something creative and satisfying to look at.

A Cluster of Ravens by Pat Kehoe


Puffins Gone Fishing by Pat Kehoe

It’s all about the food. Ravens with the berries they love, and Tufted Puffins after the needlefish that they love. St Lazaria is my favorite place in the world for watching the puffins feed and swim. We are so fortunate to live in a place where we are able to watch both Ravens and Puffins.

More of Pat’s art can be seen at

Island Artists Gallery